Hutchence Musical and Films Floated

Some 14 years after he died in a Double Bay hotel room, the life and death of Michael Hutchence is set to be portrayed as a Broadway musical, a feature film and a documentary film.

According to reports, that such things are in the pipeline is down to a deal struck between his former manager Martha Troup and American talent agency APA, shortly after the former INXS singer’s death. Something called ‘Michael’s Trust’ was set up, designed to ‘develop projects that highlight Michael’s genius’.

Troup is hoping to get the documentary off the ground despite the fact that INXS are refusing to allow their music to be used in the film. She says, ”We’ve already started talking to producers and directors about a documentary, and I think we have that figured out.

”A documentary is going to be made. I will make sure, no matter what, and I hope it is with everybody’s blessing.”

Meanwhile, she has also begun wondering who would best portray the troubled sex-god on screen, saying, “‘It’s a tough one. Maybe James Franco, but I don’t know if he sings.”

Allow us to add the following to the shortlist: Emile Hirsch, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Paul Dano. The most glaringly obvious candidate to play the role is unfortunately also dead, that being Heath Ledger.

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