I See Stars/Sumerian RecordsRelease Statement On Ronnie Radke Beef: “A True Coward”

Just as they promised they would, I See Stars have released their version of what went down behind the scenes of the Thug In Me Is You tour with Falling in Reverse.

The band promised that they would reveal ‘the truth’ after FIR frontman Ronnie Radke publicly berated the band, booting them off the tour, only to take them back and kick them off once again. Radke claimed that the band were habitually unprofessional, and was uncomfortable with their drug use. I See Stars have painted a very different picture.

According to their statement, the drug offence Radke has mentioned as the crux of his decision is related to a minor offence that happened “Months ago before ‘The Thug In Me Is You’ tour started…We were arrested. As a result, Ronnie said we were kicked off the upcoming tour”. This did not sit well with the band, who felt it unfair to those who had purchased tickets to see them on the tour, as their name had already been advertised on the bill.

They then offered to play pro bono, telling Radke that he can pocket whatever fee I See Stars would have received. Radke agreed, though according to the statement the band had “to sign paperwork saying we would not tell anyone that we weren’t getting paid to be on the tour.” I See Stars added that this “just goes to show his lack of integrity… If he was really that concerned or fundamentally against that we got caught with a little weed, then the extra cash in his pocket wouldn’t have changed his decision.”

There were instances of physical violence towards I See Stars from both Radke and his 47-year-old tour manager, the last episode of which ultimately led to the band and the tour going separate ways.

Sumerian Records didn’t hold back at all in their statement, vigorously defending their band, and judging by the situation, rightly so. The company slammed Radke as “not a good human being”. Referring to his previous criminal convictions, Sumerian state: “We do not think it is a coincidence that this is the same guy who was arrested for the horrible, violent things” he has done in the past.

Concluding their statement, Sumerian back up I See Stars claims that they were kicked off, added back on after offering Radke money, that they were forced to keep silent on it, and that a 47-year-old’s temper tantrum was the reason the band got kicked off the tour.

“Just because you no longer do drugs doesn’t mean you are no longer a horrible human being. Ronnie now abuses people instead of substances.”

Ronnie has made a statement, playing the same card he’s played after his domestic assault claims, and numerous other times that you can’t believe everything you read on the internet, slamming both I See Stars and Sumerian records for attempting to syphon from his celebrity. Clearly a decent guy.

All three statements are up at Dying Scene in the full.

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