Ice-T’s Band Body Count Releasing A New Album With Members Of Hatebreed, Slayer, Evanescence

Hip-hop legend, actor, director, and one of Twitter’s most colourful personalities, Ice-T will be releasing a new album with his metal band Body Count in March.

Carnivore, the group’s seventh studio album, marks 30 years since the group formed in 1990, and is scheduled for release Friday, 6th March through Century Media. The album will follow up 2017’s Bloodlust.

In addition to the classic Body Count pairing of T’s socially-conscious lyrics and signature flow with a smorgasbord of hard as nails riffage, the band have tapped a whole ton of recognisable albums to collaborate with on Carnivore.

Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed, Amy Lee of Evanescence, Riley Gale of Power Trip and ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo have all been confirmed as guest musicians on the record.

Listen to Carnivore’s title track below.


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