Iggy Pop Is Hoping For Death By Shark Attack

Always one to give a good quote, punk rock icon Iggy Pop has revealed that in lieu of ending life in a manner that would more befit the gentry (passing away quietly in an old folks’ home), he’s going to go out like the Ann Arbor, Michigan daredevil he is and get eaten by a shark near his beach house.

“I have a beach house in the Cayman Islands, where there are sharks. When I go swimming I think, ‘Boy, a shark attack would solve a lot of problems.’ I seriously do not want to go into assisted living or a nursing home, so I’m hoping for a shark attack. That would be good,” Pop recently told Playboy.

Pop has left fans wondering about his status as frontman of garage rock legends The Stooges, after reports broke that the group was recording without him and the singer himself made a series of cryptic comments in Rolling Stone, in the wake of Stooges drummer Ron Asheton’s death.

“I don’t want to say that I’m done with the band,” Pop wrote in the reflection piece. “I would just say that I feel like the group has always included the Asheton brothers… I don’t feel right now like there’s any reason for me to go jumping out onstage in tight Levi’s. What am I going to scream about?”

Pop indicated that a stint as a BBC radio host over the Christmas period had rekindled his love of music, saying, “Commerce, critics, crooks and creeps have conspired over time to knock the stuffing out of my soul as I have become ever more removed from the joys of feeling music.”

“The act of revisiting my library and memories to share the tunes I have treasured with a radio audience has relit a flame for me,” the rock legend continued. “So I was kind of hoping the Beeb would ask me to do some more. So I guess I did alright, because I’m gonna. Watch out for me.”

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