Illy Roasts Triple J’s Ben & Liam With A Freestyle Rap They’ll Never Forget

Disturbing footage has emerged of Illy tearing triple j ‘Breakfast’ hosts Ben & Liam a new one with a tongue-in-cheek freestyle rap the boys will never, ever forget.

Rapping over the instrumental from Chance The Rapper’s track ‘Favorite Song’ this morning, Illy took aim at Ben & Liam, as well as the trolls which have shadowed them ever since they started at triple j.

Illy’s rhymes, which you can watch in full below, were so fire that Ben & Liam say they are “still flicking the charcoal out of [their] ears”.

Here are just a few of our favourite lines:

“Liam, don’t say ‘boog’ again. It’s awful then, it’s awful now.”

“Can’t wait to read the Facebook comments on this endeavour. They’ll be sinkin’ like the portaloos on the third day of Splendour.”

“It takes balls to hit on newsreaders, especially in your first week.”

And the clincher — “Don’t forget the golden rule, they gone always say they like the old stuff better, Scoot Dools.”

Ben & Liam recently did a little roasting of their own, firing back at Triple M with a pretty accurate piss-take video.

Earlier this year, the pair also responded after “copping it” from triple j listeners after taking over from former ‘Breakfast’ hosts Matt Okine and Alex Dyson.

Meanwhile, Illy announced his “biggest tour ever” this morning, in support of his latest album Two Degrees.

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