Illy Slams Foreshore Promoters For Cutting His Set Short

Illy has taken to his Facebook page to vent about his abruptly cut-short set at yesterday’s Foreshore Festival in Canberra.

Despite saying “props to the organisers for real” – the Melbourne rapper has come out swinging at the stage managers for not letting him and his band play the last song of their set – Heard It All.

Illy claims that he and his band were victims of a late changeover on the stage before he started his set – and that he was told before his half-hour set was up to get off the stage. This was despite cutting songs in half and trying to pack his full set into the shortened time slot.

He’s also vowed to never “just stop my set like that” again – and if he experiences a situation similar to what went down at Foreshore yesterday, he’ll just stick it to the organisers and keep on playing.

Here’s the full post below from his Facebook page:

To anyone who was at Foreshore yesterday, I know it was a really short set. It was weird, we haven’t played a half hour set in literally years, but we have no say in how long festivals want to give us. Either way, it was a great day, every act i saw killed it, and the set up was sick. Props to the organisers for real.

I DO however have a problem with the fact that we were cut off, when we didn’t go overtime, especially since we went on late because of the changeover. We essentially played a 27 minute set. I understand that festivals have run times that they have to keep, but that’s bullshit. Let us play our last damn song, and risking running no more than literally 60 seconds over. A lot of people were disappointed, including myself, that we didn’t get to play Heard It All. I did my head in, and Phizzle tore what little hair he still has out, trying to cut songs and shorten our set to fit, we weren’t taking the piss, or fucking around, so to be told BEFORE our 30 minutes is up that we have to get off is fucked.

We will ALWAYS be professional with shows, as any promoter/organiser I’ve ever dealt with will attest to. I’m not a diva, I would never fuck around someone who has put me on their line up. BUT that said, yesterday was the last time I’ll just stop my set like that. Next time we are unfairly told to stop playing, we will keep playing until we are cut off. Bet on it.

I feel better now haha. Cheers.

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