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In A Massive Twist, Triple One Just Covered Cyndi Lauper For ‘Like A Version’

Sydney hip-hop act Triple One jumped into the triple j studio this week for ‘Like A Version’, unexpectedly taking on Cyndi Lauper’s 1983 nostalgic pop-rock ballad ‘Time After Time’.

The genre-defying Sydney outfit maintained the song’s trademark aching sentiment, thanks to the butter-like vocals of singer Lil Dijon, with the outfit then putting their own spin on the classic by speeding things up and adding signature rap verses while 18YOMAN & LEN20 punch things up on keys and guitar.

“I guess we like pop music, when it boils down to it,” explain the band of their decision to take on the cover. “We flipped a Cyndi Lauper sample before so it’s good to revisit her….brought it into 2021 with a trap drum baking, 808s bouncing.”

On the meaning behind the lyrics of their rap verses the guys explain, it’s all about telling your story. “For a lot of Australia [Like A Version] is the first time they see you so you want to introduce yourself and give your section of the story as well…it’s about not being loved, but someone’s always there for you as well. Emo shit.”

While in the studio, Triple One also served up a rendition of their track ‘Loverose’.

Check out Triple One’s ‘Time After Time’ cover and their ‘Loverose’ performance below, along with their Behind the Like A Version interview.

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