The Internet Gifts Us With ‘Death Cab For Yeezy’ Mash-Up Album We Never Knew We Needed

In the grand tradition of Yeezy mash-ups, including Kanye Of The Stone Age and Yeezer, Mother Internet has blessed us with Death Cab For Yeezy, combining tracks by Death Cab For Cutie and vocals from the one and only Mr West.

The cute pop of tracks like Soul Meets Body might seem an odd combination with the swagger of Touch The Sky, for example, but prepare to be pleasantly surprised, and hooked by this unlikely collaboration.

Other fantastic tracks include mash-ups of Jesus Walks/I Will Follow You Into The Dark, Crooked Teeth/Get Em High, and Transatlanticism/Good Life.

Now we can sleep at night knowing that indie rock has found its rightful voice.

Experience Death Cab For Yeezy below.

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