Interview: Michael Crafter Speaks Out On Band Meltdown

What could be referred to as Craftergate continues to develop throughout the day following news the embattled musician has witnessed the band he has fought for, and worked hard for, potentially stop in its tracks. Now, busy sifting through emails from fans trying out for a position in the now vacant (Bar Crafter) Confession lineup, Crafter spoke to Music Feeds about the situation that has people everywhere trying to find answers.

Crafter explained how he felt about the situation: “Seriously, it was a stupid thing to happen and they obviously didn’t think at all. But hey, people do dumb stuff sometimes and probably didn’t think it through that much”.

Throughout the ordeal, the word ‘double-crossed’ has been thrown around a lot. I asked Crafter what he meant by that, exactly: “Just tried to kick me out over dumb shit…talking about my commitment etc and my lack of care on stage and not putting in, when the drummer gets pissed hurts his hand and barely drums well at all, to the point people were coming up asking why he’s drumming like shit. Like come on, we are touring Europe on a huge tour and dudes are getting hammered every night acting like idiots.”

One of the rare updates on the situation from the official band’s profile was that the band’s new location is Perth. Crafter stated: “I actually live in Perth now, have for a while – with my daughter, girlfriend and my little puppy dog, who is actually a huge Staffy [Laughs]”.

Crafter still hasn’t lost his sense of humour. Further updates revealed that clean vocalist and guitarist Dan Brown would be sticking around. Keeping his cards close to his chest, Crafter explained: “Dan won’t be in the band but will help with writing in the future. That’s about all I can say about it”.

A post was recently made inviting fans to email through footage of them and a list of their musical achievements. I asked how the hunt for new bandmates was going so far: “I’ll look into that tomorrow…had about 100 people email me already, so we will take time and see who’s best for the job”.

Clearly eager to express his views and be heard, I gave Crafter an opportunity to say anything he hasn’t had a chance to since the news broke this morning: “Just that I worked my ass off for this band; I asked friends to take us on big tours etc. I just think the former members just thought we were getting on these tours cause our band’s so good or something. Well, the reality is the band isn’t that good and we get on stuff cause my mates help us out. Friends help friends. Friends don’t double-cross friends”.

It’s been an exciting day for the band and fans alike, who continue to watch on for more updates from Craftergate 2012.


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