Isabella Manfredi Opens Up About The Preatures’ Split

Last night, The Preatures announced via their socials that after 10 years together, they have “disbanded”. In the post, they offered up some thanks to their fans and announced that frontwoman Isabella Manfredi would be going onwards to release her own music.

She appeared on triple j’s Drive show with Hobba and Hing last night to speak candidly about the band’s breakup. In the interview, she cited two major experiences being at the core of the band’s decision to split:  the breakdown of her long-term relationship with guitarist Jack Moffit and an “antiquated record deal” that ensured the band weren’t able to make a living off their music.

“If anyone’s ever gone through a breakup, it’s really hard to keep working with that person,” she said.

“There was dynamics there that were really unhealthy, which just meant in the end for me, I had to get myself out of there. For me, the band was my family and I was so committed to it. But for my heart and my music, I had to take myself away and start again.

“I want [you] to know that personally I did everything I could to keep the band together… It wasn’t a creative choice in the end; it was a personal and financial choice and they are realities we’ve all had to face in the past 12 months.”

She then pivoted the conversation to chat about what’s to come from her forthcoming solo career, including speaking in depth about her new song ‘Jealousy’, which officially landed this morning.

“’Jealousy’ was the very first song I wrote in London with producers Rich Cooper and Johnny Latimer (though there was a brief stint in Berlin with Anton Newcombe – another story),” she said.

“I did the demo vocals in one or two takes and they are what you hear on the record. It was one of those essential and immediate co-writing experiences where I couldn’t tell where I ended and the others began, and I’m truly grateful to both Johnny and Rich, masters of their craft, for helping me shape the shock and anger I was feeling that day into a lean, mean pop song.”

Watch the clip for ‘Jealousy’ below.

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