Jack River Called For Channel 7 To Play More Aussie Music & They Reckon They’re Gonna Do It

We love a success story. Jack River put calls out on social media yesterday for Channel 7, and other Aussie brands, to throw some more support to our artists.

“How great would it be if you played all Australian music in your coverage of the Olympics? These are Australian moments, they deserve Australian music,” wrote River on social media.

Now Sunrise journalist, Edwina Bartholomew, who’s been covering the Olympics has responded.

“Hey [Jack River] and other Aussie musos, we hear you,” she wrote on Instagram, alongside the same graphic shared by River.

“I can’t speak for Woolies and Aldi et al but we are going to beef up the Aussie music in the arvos on [Channel 7 Olympics].

“Send us your requests and tag your favourite Australian musician.”

So, hopefully we’ll start getting a side of Aussie tunes with our sport over the next week.

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