Jager Fest Coming This Saturday, 28th March 2009

Jager Fest brings to mind memories of my 18th birthday party, which was in itself a Jager Fest. I drank my body weight in Jager Bombs and proceeded to projectile vomit, Exorcist style. Even more disturbing was that my mum did the same thing hours later, but that’s for DOCS to sort out.

More to the point, the actual jager Fest, to be held on Saturday 28th March, is a celebration of bands that competed in the weekly jager Uprising, an ongoing competition held at the Annandale. jager Fest has chosen the best of the bunch to make your Saturday night a SATURDAY NIGHT TO REMEMBER! Capitals and everything.

The night will feature nine bands on two stages, tearing it up in the Annandale, which is built on rock and roll, and cement.

If that isn’t enticing enough then perhaps I can appeal to your moral compass. The night is based on supporting local music, struggling bands that still drive shitty vans and have weekend jobs delivering pizzas or giving special massages. Bands that use amps as chairs in their one bedroom, cold water only, rat infested apartment.

But jager Uprising, and jager Fest is giving one band the chance to escape the slums, give the finger to the Global Financial Crisis, and win a $10,000 prize package, which is really sick, really!

Now coincidence has reared its ugly head and jager Fest falls on the same night as V Fest, which is undoubtedly a bit of a conundrum for the music aficionado. Although both nights hold appeal, the bands are hoping punters forgo The Killers and a free Virgin Blue cap to head to the Dale’.

The bands confirmed for the night are, The Kandy Apples, Talkbox,

The Tsars, The Mounzers, Newshawks, Super Florence Jam, Repetitive Subliminal Messages, Crash Through and The Mischief.

The event aims to give bands a high quality slot, at one of the most famous live music venues in Sydney. Plus there are more bands involved then there are girls in Russell Brands bed, meaning the crowd will be a melting pot of religions, cultures and styles, which will make for a sweet night.

Lachie McQueen, bassist from The Mischief has spoken to the other eight bands, and they’ve done a good ole fashioned pinkie promise that they’ll put on a show.

“It’s going to be sweet, we all know each other well, we all play great music, and so it can’t go wrong. It’s exciting and let’s get drunk together!”

Finally as if you weren’t convinced, it’s eight dollars entry and kicks off at 6 o’clock. Eight dollars to feast your eyes on the delights being thrown up by these fellas in tight jeans and checked shirts. So it’s a joy for the thrifty and the financially challenged.

Local bands playing personal tunes, while the booze runs freely and the Annandale hums along quietly. It sounds like my type of night, so hurry along!

Jager FEST – Saturday 28th March at the Annandale. Doors open 6pm, $8 entry.

Visit http://www.annandalehotel.com for more details.

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