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Jaguar Jonze Stands In Solidarity With Victims, Calls Out Male Photographer For Alleged Sexual Misconduct

Content warning: This article discusses sexual misconduct

Aussie artist Jaguar Jonze has shared her experiences of sexual misconduct within the music industry, standing in solidarity with over 45 people who say they were victims of sexual harassment from an unnamed male photographer.

The musician took to social media on Friday, 10th July to share a series of handwritten post-it notes, opening up about her experiences of abuse from two producers, as well as referencing allegations she had heard about the unnamed photographer.

“It is sad that in my time in the industry, I’ve come across many predators who still abuse their place of power or profile and manipulate the trust people, especially young female musicians, have given to them,” wrote the artist – real name Deena Lynch. “The last few days, I’ve been hearing so many stories about a particular male photographer who works in the industry.”

“When I was sexually assaulted last year by two producers, I felt alone, ashamed and didn’t know what to do, or where to go. I am just writing this today, that if you have been affected by a similar story and need a safe space to land in this sometimes terrifying industry – please reach out to me.”

“I don’t want this pattern to continue and for it to happen to anyone else. Stay safe and exert your boundaries.”

Since then, the musician says she has received numerous accounts of sexual harassment and abuse by men within the Australian music industry both in regards to the un-named photographer and others.

Yesterday (12th July), Lynch posted another series of post-it notes about the photographer. “ONE MALE PHOTOGRAPHER IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY AND 29 STORIES. This is some of them,” she wrote.

Later that night, she followed up her initial tweet with another. “46 STORIES ABOUT THE SAME PERSON,” Lynch captioned the post. “80 STORIES about other men in different places of Australian music.”

The stories outline a series of instances of alleged sexual harassment by the photographer – you can read them in full below.

“We are not alone. We hear and see you. I urge you to come forward and speak so this can be more than just a story but action in loud voices to change the future. Thank you to these brave womxn, these are your voices,” wrote Lynch in another statement.

Since Lynch’s initial post, other artists and music industry workers have made statements on social media.

“jaguar jonze is a warrior and i stand with her and all victims all the way,” wrote musician Eilish Gilligan.

Arwen Hunt, VP of Universal Music Publishing Australia also added her support, writing, “As long as I work in ths industry, I promise I will do all in my power to eradicate sexual predators, abusers of power, misogyny and inequality from it. I experienced it all but, once I stopped blaming myself, I stood taller and fought harder.”

“Never be afraid to come forward. Our collective voices are powerful. WE ARE POWERFUL.”

Back in April, Lynch released her debut EP under her Jaguar Jonze moniker – Diamonds & Liquid Gold – following a period of “virtual hospitalisation” at home after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

If you need assistance, 1800 RESPECT – the National Sexual Assault, Domestic and Family Violence Counselling Service — can be reached on 1800 737 732.

For help or information regarding mental health, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636.

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