James Blake Performs A Powerful Cover Of Frank Ocean’s ‘Godspeed’

James Blake was one of the key players on Frank Ocean’s huge 2016 album Blonde, with the British musician not only producing but also helping with arrangements and performing in the accompanying instrumentals.

The two are good mates, with Ocean writing two tracks, ‘Always’ and ‘My Willing Heart’ on Blake’s album The Colour In Anything.

Unsurprisingly, one of Blake’s favourite tracks that he worked on is the gut-wrenching and emotive ‘Godspeed’.

At the FORM Arcosanti Festival in Arizona last weekend Blake closed out his performance by covering ‘Godspeed’, imbuing the track with a new emotion and vocal power that only he is capable of.

Not just anyone can pull off a cover of Frank Ocean, and lucky that James Blake is certainly not just anyone.

Have a listen to a snippet of the cover below.

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