James Hetfield On Rock Music “Some Have To Die Off So The Strong Survive”

It seems that Metallica frontman James Hetfield has also noticed just how bloated the rock and metal scenes have become. In a recent interview with Artisan News Service (via Ultimate Classic Rock) the musician has discussed his thoughts on the current state of the rock world, and how he believes it can be returned to its former glory.

“It dying and popularity are two different things,” Hetfield began when asked if he thought rock was dying, “You know, if it’s not popular, fine. I kinda like it that way,” he adds with a laugh. “I love being the underdog. I love being the thing that’s not liked. I love to build it up again. That’s part of the mission in life for me.”

Hetfield also believes that the internet is somewhat to blame for this. The ease and frequency with which bands can upload their own material has resulted in the marketplace being flooded with inferior products. The solution? Natural selection: “There’s too many bands out there, and some have to die off so the strong survive.”

You can watch the interview below, where other key figures in rock answer similar questions, Lars Ulrich included.

Hetfield, will be taking time off from designing sunglasses for their massive headlining set at next years Soundwave Festival.

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