James Taylor Says He Met Mark Chapman The Day Before He Murdered John Lennon

Well this is creepy.

James Taylor has just revealed he had a run-in with John Lennon‘s killer, the day before he fatally shot The Beatles’ icon.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Taylor explained how he bumped into a then-25-year-old Mark David Chapman, just one day before the fan murdered Lennon outside the entrance to New York’s Dakota apartment building, where he was living with wife Yoko Ono.

Taylor described the killer-to-be as “glistening with sweat” during their encounter, adding that “his eyes were dating all over the place… dilated like crazy”.

“He seemed either drugged or in a manic break of some sort,” the music legend recalled.

Chillingly, Taylor also remembered that “He was just talking a mile a minute about something he was going to show John Lennon”.

“He was just someone who knew me who I didn’t know; someone who had an agenda that I knew I couldn’t deal with,” he added. “I just knew that I needed to get away from him.”

Chapman was denied parole for an 11th time earlier this year. His next date with a parole board is in 2022.

Meanwhile, the album that John Lennon signed for Chapman, just hours before the murderous fan fatally shot him four times at close range, is currently under the hammer, with the bidding sitting at US $450K at the time of writing.

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