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Jess Kent Blesses Us With Fun AF ‘Hell N Back’ Cover For Triple J Like A Version

Jess Kent has taken the triple j Like A Version reigns this week and what a vibe. Taking on Bakar’s 2019 hit ‘Hell N Back’, she keeps all the fun of the original while creating this jangly, 60s sounding pop tune. It’s super cool.

Kent also delivered a performance of ‘No One Else’. Taken off her latest EP Parking Karma, ‘No One Else’ is a hugely chill bop and the performance is ace.

On her choosing Bakar, Jess Kent says, “He draws from such a diverse range of genres and I like to do that in my songwriting as well.

“The more you dive into the lyrics and all of that, there’s more to discover and more depth there.

“And it’s also just a sick vibe as well if you just want to chuck it on in the background. He’s definitely an artist I listen to a lot and I just think he’s dope.”

This wasn’t Jess Kent’s first rendezvous with the Like A Version studio. She recently went in with G Flip and that all-star lineup for their ‘Lady Marmalade’ LAV.

Before that? She came in with PACES to perform their single ‘1993 (No Chill)’ back in 2016.

You can catch the Jess Kent Like A Version, original, and Behind the Like A Version below.

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