Jimmy Barnes Reckons Cold Chisel “Might Be Done”

It looks like Cold Chisel, as we know them, may be hanging up the boots at least for a while, according to Jimmy Barnes who said on The Music‘s podcast The Green Room With Neil Griffiths that the band, “Might be done.”

Discussing the possibility of new Jimmy Barnes tunes and what’s up next for Cold Chisel, the frontman said, “I think we’ve put it to bed for a while.”

“We’ve been touring since 1973. It takes a lot to wind Cold Chisel up. We get together for one show and we have to rehearse for three weeks just to get the band back to where we communicate properly and all that sort of stuff.”

“Maybe there’s more of a chance that we might make a record, but I don’t know if we’re ever gonna go out and do, like, a major tour as such. It could be the odd gig here and there for special events or special occasions but I don’t see Cold Chisel doing a major tour ever again.”

“We love each other and when we finished we were playing great, it’s just so hard and time-consuming and emotional to get it all up and running while I’m writing and making three records a year of my own and Mossy’s touring and Don’s doing this,” said Jimmy Barnes.

“It’s very difficult to get us all in one place.”

The comments come after Cold Chisel completed a pretty big national outdoor tour earlier this year.

Jimmy Barnes’ book Killing Time is set to land in stores Wednesday, 7th October.

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