Watch José González Perform Stunning New Song ‘Valle Local’ At An Iconic Berlin Indie Venue

Swedish singer and songwriter José González has today shared a live performance of new track ‘Valle Local’, which is set to feature on his upcoming record Local Valley. Due out in September, this album will be his first album in six years.

The live performance is being released exclusively via Jim Beam’s YouTube channel as part of their ‘Welcome Sessions’, a new concert series reuniting global musicians with the independent venues that started it all for a special one-off performance, captured on camera.

Filmed at The Michelberger in Berlin, González’s performance pays homage to the space, which is considered to be a sanctuary to independent musicians all around the world.

In a statement, he speaks to the cultural significance of the space.

“As a touring musician, the welcome you feel within a space is so important for so many reasons, both in shaping what you do on stage but also the moments in between,” he said.

“Having spent a great deal of time in The Michelberger, my connection comes from memories wrapped in rich emotions of amazing nights spent in the space.

“For me, as a live performer, the experience of changing the mood among a group of strangers by taking them to two emotional ends of the spectrum throughout a gig is unlike any other.

“First, unlocking deep, solemn emotions before uplifting them with the melody while the lyrics energise and elevate them to a different place. You can literally watch as they physically and mentally change in front of your eyes.”

Fans can watch the performance exclusively via Jim Beam’s official YouTube channel.

Previous performances for Jim Beam’s ‘Welcome Sessions’ have come from Jack Garratt and Fontaines D.C..

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