Josh Radnor From ‘How I Met Your Mother’ And Ben Lee Continue Bromance With New Song

Josh Radnor of How I Met Your Mother fame and Ben Lee have continued their unlikely musical partnership as Radnor & Lee by dropping another new song ‘Doorstep’.

‘Doorstep’ is the second single to be taken from their forthcoming album Radnor & Lee due for release on 10th November.

The uplifting, acoustic track is all about life’s big questions, featuring Radnor on lead vocal.

Along with the track, they’ve also dropped the video for first single ‘Be Like The Being’ which is a hypnotising visual of hand puppetry.

If you’re surprised that this Radnor and Lee collaboration is happening at all then you’re not alone.

Lee told Music Feeds, “We are still in shock that it’s happening.

“Last night in the middle of the gig I leaned over to Josh and said: ‘Can you believe we are doing this?!’”

The pair have been friends for over a decade but up until now they have never worked on a musical venture together.

Check out the new track and the video below.

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