Justin Bieber Fails At Beer Bong, Faces $100K Lawsuit For Smashing Dude’s iPhone

Another day, another lawsuit against Justin Bieber.

The Biebs is reportedly getting sued to the tune of US$100,000 following a frankly lolgasmic turn of events.

According to TMZ, it was NBA All-Star weekend and the boy wonder was partying in the VIP section of a Houston nightclub called Cle.

Nek minnit, someone whips out a beer bong and hands it to The Biebs, whose chugging attempt was akin to that of a baby goat suckling at an out of control fire hose.


Indeed, Bieber’s face and clothes were drenched in a frothy fountain of failure, and fellow club attendee Robert Earl Morgan caught the whole thing on his iPhone.

But what he didn’t bank on is that Bieber – not wanting the doubtlessly spectacular vision of his beer bong fail to end up online – would grab the phone and pound it to smithereens.

As TMZ alleges, Biebs went so Rambo on the device that old mate never got his SIM card back, which contained precious memories, including pics of his grandma’s 100th birthday party and 5,000 snaps and videos documenting his travels.

He also reckons he lost business contacts, which has now eaten into his commission.

Is it too late now to say sorry?

Incidentally, Biebs also apparently decided to use Post Malone as a human ashtray on the same night that the alleged phone-smashing incident took place. Watch below.

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