Justin Bieber Reportedly Busted Leaving Brazilian Brothel

A wrist tattoo, a pair of signature sneakers and some burly bodyguards have placed Justin Bieber at the centre of his latest scandal, after paparazzi busted a person reported to be the pop sensation leaving a Brazilian brothel dressed as a crucifix-wearing ghost under a bedsheet.

While the reports are yet to be confirmed by anyone within Bieber’s camp, local sources tipped off paparazzi that Biebs and one of his mates were busying themselves in the famous Centauros brothel in Rio de Janeiro. The local photogs then claim they snapped the pop star as he was leaving the hotel with two girls.

It was Bieber’s team of bodyguards that were seen desperately trying to conceal the identity of one skinny white kid, draped in a sheet sporting the establishment’s insignia, which means it was probably used on their beds, which is gross. Though the snappers didn’t manage to get a shot identifying Bieber, a wrist tattoo identical to Bieber’s can clearly be seen in some photos, as can his distinct signature shoes.

At this stage, Bieber’s security guards are becoming as photographed as their master and their attempts to restrict the Brazilian paps by spraying them with water was futile.

The bemanchestered individual then jumped into the back seat of a car while the girls were placed in SUVs and escorted back to his hotel, where the entire crew were kicked out of shortly afterwards for breaking the hotel’s rules.

The Biebs and co. are now inhabiting a rented mansion in an exclusive gated community, says Page Six.

This latest incident comes just days after Bieber hit headlines for allegedly paying a hooker $500 for sex after meeting her in a Panama nightclub.

This dude will be within our borders in a matter of weeks time… This guy right here. Allegedly.

UPDATE: So…this just got uploaded to YouTube.

WATCH: Justin Bieber sleeping with prostitute in Brasil (REAL and ORIGINAL VIDEO)

(Video Via Pedestrian.TV)

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*EXCLUSIVE* Justin Bieber tries to go Incognito at a Brazilian Brothel

(Via NME, Photos via AKM-GSI)

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