Justin Bieber To Play The Dark Knight’s Sidekick?

Striking fear, disgust and a cocktail of other dreadful emotions in the hearts of the viewing public, teen idol Justin Bieber has taken to Instagram to hint at the possibility of his involvement in the upcoming Batman vs Superman film.

With the bile in the throats of Batman fans having only just receded from the announcement of Ben Affleck as the next caped crusader, Justin Bieber posted a routine selfie on his Instagram account, which much to the bemusement of the comic book community, featured a copy of the “Batman Vs Superman” screenplay, prominently stamped with his own name.

Accompanied with the distressing image was a terse hash-tag that simply read “#robin??” While the image, which has so far come with no casting confirmation from Warner Bros. or anybody involved with the film, has raised the ire of Batman, Robin, and cinema fans alike, and the delight of Bieber’s trusty legion of Beliebers, it also reveals some details about the upcoming project.

Assuming the script is genuine, the image shows that the film is currently being produced under the working title of “Batman Vs Superman,” and might be based on Batman: The Dark Knight Falls, by comic legends Frank Miller and Klaus Jansen. The fourth chapter of their iconic The Dark Knight Returns reboot, on which much of Christopher Nolan‘s trilogy was based.

The arc of the chapter in question features a haggard Bruce Wayne, who steps out of retirement at age 55 to fight crime in Gotham, facing opposition from Gotham Police, the US government, and the mighty, government-aligned Superman. The film is currently due for release in 2015.

In the meantime, fans can take solace in the news that Bieber recently took part in a short for the popular comedy website Funny Or Die. Despite the very official-looking script, it may turn out to be a mere prop in one of their sketches. Here’s hoping.

(Via Contactmusic.com)

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