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Kacey Musgraves Teases New Music In Celebration Of Her 33rd Birthday

Kacey Musgraves truly is the gift that keeps on giving. In celebration of the artist’s 33rd birthday, she gifted us with two snippets of unreleased music of hers via two of her social media accounts.

She posted the same visual to her Instagram and Tik Tok profiles, but each with different audio.

To her Instagram, she posted 15 different videos, of a semi-cloudy, daytime sky fading into the night sky up the page. The first clip she posted, features the sound of a sombre, Latin-inspired plucky guitar. Her voice comes in at the end, singing “let me set the scene”.

The remaining 14 videos, all ten seconds in length, appear to show lyrics for what might be an upcoming release. They have no sound.


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In the clip she posted to Tik Tok, Musgraves, mid-photo shoot, slow-motion walks towards the camera before reaching out at the lens. An ethereal audio bite accompanies the clip of a sweet vocal paired with subtle synths.

@kaceymusgravesthe moment nobody’s been waiting for

♬ original sound – Kacey Musgraves

In a recent interview with The Crack, Musgraves spoke on her forthcoming works, and in particular one song, which the publication paraphrased Golden Hour co-producer Daniel Tashian’s description as “a pared back, Latin-inflected ballad about resigning from a relationship and accepting fate without bitterness.” This is only speculation of course, but that description fits the snippet of the audio she posted to Instagram, so maybe we will get to hear that one soon.

Musgraves is gearing up to enter a new era. Her last body of work was 2018’s critically-acclaimed Golden Hour, which saw the musician take home four Grammy’s in 2019, including the coveted Album of the Year award.

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