Kanye Raps About Marrying K-Dash

First he confesses his love for her through rap, now according to BET News, the man everyone loves to hate Kanye West has taken to verse to describe his desire to marry partner Kim Kardashian (Weird, that name isn’t in spell check, thought it would be by now).

His latest masterpiece slotted into the new Pusha T track (following up the recent Yeeze tune ‘Way Too Cold’ where Kanye expressed his love) features lines such as “I saw you in the club in a white dress, now I want to put you in a white dress”, which I suppose could be interpreted as a marriage pun, though there’s always the chance that could be a metaphor for a greater sociopolitical struggle somewhere in the world, but if I know Kayne’s music, that’s a little hard to believe.

Apparently there is truth behind these legit rhymes, with sources close to the couple confirming they have, in fact, been discussing marriage.

We get it dude, you’re dating a semi-buzzworthy ‘celebrity’- we just don’t really care. Does this mean that his next tracks will be about their potential children? Starting a joint bank account? We’ll have to wait for the chorus before we find out I suppose. And I’m sure Kanye isn’t worried about running out of inspiration: the impending divorce we can all see coming should provide some ammunition.

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