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Kanye West And JAY-Z Have Reunited After Years Of Feuding

For years now, Watch the Throne collaborators Kanye West and JAY-Z have been at odds after Jay and wife Beyoncé were no-shows for Yeezy’s wedding to Kim Kardashian West back in 2014.

Since then, there’s been all sorts of barbs between the two. There was the legal action involving Jay’s TIDAL streaming service. There was Kanye repeatedly taking shots at Jay on his 2016 Saint Pablo tour.

Then, on Jay-Z’s 2017 album 4:44  he seemingly swiped at his former BFF on the track ‘Kill JAY-Z’, rapping “You dropped outta school, you lost your principles.”

Now, after years, the two rappers have reunited at Diddy’s 50th birthday in Los Angeles over the weekend, alongside Bey and Kardashian West. Photos show West and Jay-Z smiling and shaking each other’s hands, and according to Peoplean insider source told the magazine that West, Jay and their wives “sat pretty close together during the festivities.”

The two also posed for a photo together with Diddy and Pharrell Williams which, as Twitter users have pointed, has a kind of stilted atmosphere to it on Jay’s part.

So, who’s to say whether the reunion was as joyous as we might hope.

That said, things have looked brighter over the past couple of years. Back in 2017, it seemed like the relationship between the pair was on the mend. “I love Kanye. I do. It’s a complicated relationship with us,” JAY-Z commented in an interview with the New York Times.

“It’s just that there’s certain things that happened that’s not really acceptable to me. And we just need to speak about it. But there’s genuine love there.”

Either way, hopefully Watch the Throne 2 is just a very tiny fraction closer to being a reality.

In the meantime, it never hurts to reminisce on better days.

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