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Kanye West Is Begging The Internet To Help Him Get Mark Zuckerberg’s Attention

Following on from his revelation that he is $53 million in personal debt, Kanye West has taken to Twitter again today, this time in a bizarre appeal to get Mark Zuckerberg’s attention, ostensibly so the Facebook founder can bankroll Yeezy’s continued creative output.

It started 12 hours ago with the following tweets.

He then went back to more traditional Kanye Twitter fare, such as urging fans to sign up to Tidal by holding his album hostage for another week to threatening not to attend the Grammys this year unless they promise him best album.

That didn’t last long though, these next tweets embodying a Martin Shkreli troll-type quality.

It wasn’t just Zuckerberg he was looking for help from mind you, Google co-founder Larry Page also being thrown in as a bit of an afterthought, before Kanye opened up on Silicon Valley in general.

The public can’t seem to make up their mind whether this is Kanye being a genius, honestly baring all his financial woes to world and seeking to be reborn a new on a wave of Zuckerbergs cash, or this is Kanye going through a bit of an episode. Still Kanye doesn’t seem to be too hung up on it all, as he finished the rant off with some philosophical musings.


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