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Kanye West Is Livestreaming Himself As He Finishes ‘DONDA’

Kanye West is livestreaming via Apple Music again. He’s been chilling in Mercedes Benz Stadium since the first DONDA livestream, two weeks ago.

DONDA was initially meant to arrive two weeks ago on Friday, 23rd July. Kanye has since pushed the release date back to today, 6th August.

Apple Music shared the stream, tweeting, “[Kanye West] prepares and presents his 10th album Donda, live from Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta during an exclusive livestream event.”

The tweet seems to suggest he’ll be performing the album once it’s complete. So far, the stream has showed shots of his crew editing tracks in a small room.

At the time of writing, the stream is showing a video of a smoking candle next to a single mattress on the floor.

The bottom of the screen reads, “Tune in at 9:30pm ET to watch the album launch event.”

That’ll be 11:30am AEST.

You can watch the livestream via Apple Music.

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