Kanye West Plotting New “3D Entertainment Experience” For The Common Man

The current generation of 3D entertainment seems to be perfectly enjoyable for most people, but not Kanye West, nuh-uh. Unimpressed by the current state of the technology, Yeeze has teamed up with a Columbia University director (of all people) in an attempt to blow all our minds and budgets on a “new type of movie theater and 3D entertainment experience”.

Labeled as a “confidential project”, West may have bumped his head a little too hard on that sign the other day and given the game away. Tagging David Benjamin, the director of the Living Architecture Lab at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture to jump on board the project, it’s obvious who’s going to be doing the heavy lifting and who’s going to sit around drinking Chandon suggesting the sudden appearance of Lamborghini might be good for the relatability of the project.

It’s not too clear whether the project will be another chapter in his already bustling list of film credits, or whether he just wants a rather over-the-top home theatre system to keep him entertained while Kim raises their child. One thing’s for sure – when it happens it’ll be big, he’ll rub it in our faces and we’ll probably hate him for it.

(Via Complex)

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