Kendrick Lamar Shuts Down Conspiracy Theories About ‘DAMN.’ Companion Album

The release of Kendrick Lamar’s album DAMN. not only sparked a meme revolution, but also a conspiracy theory that there would be a follow-up companion album to be released shortly after the main record.

The theory attracted a significant following, with one misguided reddit user so sure that King Kendrick was going to drop a second album by Easter Monday that he ended up betting a vinyl smoothie on it.

Now it seems that Kendrick has had just about enough of the speculation, confirming there will be no follow up any time soon.

Addressing the world as “KenFolk,” Lamar tweeted “ThankU 4 the desire of always anticipation new music of my own. None is coming. My work will be in our future TDE dates tho.”

Beats 1 Radio also posted an interview with Lamar overnight in which he addresses his the conspiracy theories, his inspirations, working with U2 on the album and stacks more.

Check it out in full, below.

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