Kid Rock To Support Bon Jovi On Australian Tour – Also Super Cheap Tickets Available

Just when you thought Bon Jovi’s ‘Because We Can’ Australian tour couldn’t get any more power balladie, it does with the announcement that Kid Rock will be the support act throughout the national tour.

Reportedly the upcoming Bon Jovi dates, which now include Perth, will be the first time Kid Rock has performed in Australia. The former Mr Pamela Anderson said he’s never played in Australia because he’d “not been invited before”.

In addition to the addition of Kid Rock, Bon Jovi has announced that thousands of cheap tickets, priced at 35 dollars will be available for purchase on his Australia stadium tour. Bon Jovi’s move to offer more affordable tickets follows on from Kid Rock who recently sacrificed some of his own performance fee in the US to drop ticket prices to $20.

On the move to discount the concert-going experience, with Kid also reducing merch, beer and t-shit prices at his US shows, Kid Rock said he hopes his actions inspires other elements of the entertainment industry to do the same:

“It’s gotten ridiculous and it shouldn’t just be one artist, it takes everybody.

I’ve been trying to figure this out for years and hopefully it will catch on not just for music but for all entertainment.”Have you seen the price of a coke if you take a kid to the movies?”

As for finally touring Australia and supporting Jon Bon, Kid said he’s eager to tour with his long time pal and fans should expect some quality entertainment:

“We have been friends for I don’t know how long. It makes it so much more enjoyable, especially when you get the chance to go listen to their band.

“If you were around in the 50s, you would hear this little dingy recording of Elvis that sounded like crap, then you would go to the show and the music would come to life.

“Now it’s the opposite. You have beautiful recordings assisted by computers, you go to the show and it doesn’t sound like the recording. So there’s something to say for putting on great entertainment.”


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