Kiko Live @ The Raval September 26th

The voice of Kiko, Ani, has been described as “being like a clear mountain stream full of diamonds, sweetened with honey and liquid gold…” Raw, rare and full of flavour, Kiko enchants with lyrics and a sound that is remembered by your body and registered in your soul.”

Ani has just come back from a very fruitful Kiko tour in Japan, and in just three and half weeks managed to perform several Kiko shows, several radio interviews and perform at Japan Music Week’s launch party as well as have two recording opportunities in commercial work.

Ani, a mover and shaker, is the driving force in Kiko and is feeling the heat back in Sydney preparing for her “Like No Other “ Launch in July/August.

Kiko has three EPs. The latest EP “Opening” features a very raw sound, staying true to space and simplicity without compromising quality and texture. The new EP “Like No Other” has captured the rawness of acoustic double bass and trumpet yet brought in edgy beats and atmospheric textures to create emotional landscapes for soulful and well thought out lyrics.

With audiences reporting experiences like “it was so captivating and intense I had to leave the room for a moment to process what the music made me feel”, Kiko’s performance can leave chills, chuckles and even tears.

Influenced by jazz greats & the latest electronic pioneers, Kiko effortlessly pushes boundaries with its genre-bending style. Ani performs flexibly (sometimes even solo) with a range of artists that play double bass, trumpet, guitar and djembe that give texture to the electronic beats and atmospheres, supporting her sassy and sweet vocals. The result, an edgy mix of cool jazz with deep & dirty electronica.

2009 is promising for Kiko and Ani as a songwriter with new Kiko remixes by other artists to be released, another tour to Tokyo in October /November 2009, Sydney Summer Festivals, new EP out in July and recording another late 2009, co-writing songs with other songwriters for TV/Film placements.

Saturday September 26th 2009


Macquarie Hotel

42 Wentworth Ave, Surry Hills

Doors Open @ 8.00pm

ANI KIKO on stage at 9.30pm

Presales – $10.00 + BF

Door Charge – $15.00

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