Kimbra Says New Music “Like Deerhoof Hanging On Sesame Street”

New Zealand pop artist Kimbra has awarded fans and interested parties a little insight into the creation of her forthcoming album, The Golden Echo, answering direct questions today via her Twitter account.

While the singer didn’t give a whole lot away as to the album’s content, the always fascinating performer spilled the beans on the multitude of influences and inspirations that made their way onto The Golden Echo, the title and ideas of which came to her in a dream.

Fans have already been given a taste of the new record last week, when Kimbra officially released the single 90s Music, featuring Muse main man Matt Bellamy. When asked today about the meaning behind that track, Kimbra said it was “a playful ode to youth”. Explaining to her Twitter followers she said, “I wanted it to feel like Deerhoof hanging on Sesame St.”

When asked about the genesis of the new material, Kimbra replied the ideas came to her in a dream. “A flower called Narcissus Golden Echo. Greek Mythology & Thomas Merton,” she added for clarification. Of her broader musical influences Kimbra cited Phillip Glass, Danny Elfman, Battles, Cornelius as well as “nature, love and transcendence.” She also revealed her interest in collaborating with Phillip Glass or filmmaker Wes Anderson.

In less existential, more practical news, Kimbra said Queens Of The Stone Age‘s Michael Shuman will feature on the record, Foster The People‘s Mark Foster will appear on one more song, as well as renowned bass player Thundercat on six tracks.

Interestingly, despite last year’s revelation that the Dillinger Escape Plan‘s Ben Weinman was collaborating on some songs with Kimbra, the singer has said he will not feature on the album proper, although he has made it onto one of the bonus tracks.

Kimbra says compared to her last record, Vows, The Golden Echo is “more fearless, rhythmically driven and sonically adventurous”.”I got really into scraping bells up close against mice for percussion too,” she added to one Twitter fan. We suspect she meant mics, but with Kimbra you just can’t be sure.

Kimbra’s recent tour with Janelle Monáe was cancelled last week due to Monáe’s continuing illness. The Golden Echo is out this August.

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