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King Princess Has Remixed That Infamous Tyra Banks Rant Into An Absolute Banger

In today’s episode of “We Don’t Know Who Asked For This But We’re Thankful It Exists”, musical wunderkind King Princess has remixed that iconic Tyra Banks “We Were All Rooting For You” rant.

In case you don’t know what we’re talking about, first of all – Hi! Welcome To The Internet. Secondly, it comes from Tyra’s show America’s Next Top Model, where she very emotionally told a poor, unsuspecting model named Tiffany to “be quiet!”

Now, King Princess has gone full millennial and turned one of reality TV’s most memed moments into a thumping house banger. It is just under two minutes long, but we could listen to it for hours.

King Princess is currently working on her highly anticipated debut album that is due out at some point this year. She managed to score two tracks on last year’s Hottest 100, with ‘Pussy Is God’ at #74 and ‘1950’ at #34.

Listen to the fantastic remix below.

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