Kirsten Dunst Has Called Out Kanye West For Using Her Face To Promote His Presidential Campaign

Kanye West is still busy with phishing his presidential campaign for the forthcoming 2020 election, and his latest campaign image has caused actress Kirsten Dunst to call him out.

Taking to Twitter, West shared an image that had a bunch of faces across it, interspersed with the words ‘KANYE 2020 VISION’. He also captioned it with the hashtag #2020Vision.

One of those faces belongs to a young Kirsten Dunst – in fact, her smiling face is at the top of the image. The image is taken from a 2002 Vanity Fair profile of the actress.

Evidently, and unsurprisingly, West didn’t receive permission to use Dunst’s image as part of promoting his campaign and Dunst signed on to figure out just what he was getting at.

“What’s the message here,” she wrote, “and why am I apart [sic] of it?”

West, also unsurprisingly, is yet to acknowledge the reply.

Dunst is not the only famous face seen on the image. Just to the bottom left of her is Anna Wintour’s face, someone West has had a long relationship with and somewhat of a deep reverence for.

According to People, a source close to Wintour, as well as Dunst’s rep, said that West had not asked either for their permission.

Another day in 2020, folks.

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