Korn Reveal They’re Plotting An Australian Tour For 2017

Get ready to let your freak off its, leash because nu-metal lords Korn are plotting to stage their triumphant return down under next-bloody-year.

“We’re working on it right now, we’re trying to figure out how we can get down there,” guitarist James ‘Munky’ Shaffer tells Music Feeds, revealing that the band are aiming to make it out “next year some time”.

“We don’t wanna do it unless we have the right production and it’s done right, you know?” Munky says. “We don’t wanna come and not put on a good show for the fans, so we’re gonna make sure that it’s done right and we have the right production and the right team and the right business relationship to make it happen.”

In a candid chat, the kooky axeman tells us that Korn — who last visited our shores for Soundwave Festival in 2014 — have actually been trying to gee up some Aussie tour dates for a while now, but keep getting let down on the business side of things.

“We’ve worked on a few [plans] a couple of times and it’s fallen through – we actually had a couple of things that were…” he trails off, in slight exasperation.

“It’s been a little bit of frustration, I gotta tell you, to try and get down there, as far as making the business end of it happen. But we’re getting closer and we’re gonna make sure we come with the right bands, we manna make sure it’s a killer, kickass show for everybody.”

Though Munky couldn’t confirm what the band’s aforementioned tour plans which fell through actually entailed, he hinted that it might have involved an Aussie festival.

“Hopefully someone will get up and have a festival start running in a legitimate way,” he adds. But in the meantime, it looks like a 2017 Korn headlining tour is on the cards.

“I’m excited, I love it down there,” Munky says. “I feel like I’m on vacation when I’m down there.”

Korn’s iconic second guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch recently rejoined the fold, and after a brief readjustment period that yielded the metal veterans’ experimental 11th album The Paradigm Shift, Munky reckons the magic within the group is well and truly back on fleek, and the band have recorded their best album in 10 years with The Serenity Of Suffering.

Four singles have been released off the forthcoming disc so far – Rotting In Vain, Insane, A Different World (feat. Slipknot’s Corey Taylor) and fresh cut Take Me – all of which have got fans frothing at the prospect of a return to the bass-slapping, dreadlock-flinging, scat-happy glory of Korn’s heyday.

Munky also says the fellas wrote the album with their live show squarely in mind, so their new gigs are doubtlessly going to be off. the. leash.

Let’s just hope a savvy Aussie promoter swoops in to help them GTFO here ASAP. In the meantime, you can get your eardrums on The Serenity Of Suffering when it drops next Friday, 21st October.

Music Feeds full interview with Munky is coming soon.

Listen: Korn – ‘Take Me’


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