Lars Ulrich Reflects On The Time Metallica Toured With AC/DC: “We Were In Heaven”

Metallica‘s Lars Ulrich has reflected on opening for AC/DC on their 1991 Monsters of Rock European tour during an interview with Brian Johnson for the singer’s AXS TV show, Brian Johnson’s A Life on the Road.

In the interview, Johnson compliments the drummer on his unique playing style – “It was the drums, it had a swing to it that regular thrash metal didn’t have.”

“You’ve got to remember, our musical roots were much more in you guys, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin,” responds Ulrich.

“We were much more in blues-based, harder rock and roll stuff. We just started playing it a little faster as we went along.”

Ulrich also discusses the impact watching AC/DC had on Metallica’s growth as a band. At that point, ‘tallica had already been regularly on the road for about eight years, but the tour served as a jumping off point into the next stage of their careers – the last time they really served as a support act on tour.

“Playing with you guys on that run in 1991, which was the last time we really sort of supported anybody, we were in heaven getting a chance to be close to you guys and watching you every night for six weeks,” Ulrich says during the interview.

Watch a preview clip below.

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