‘Last Night’ Purple Sneakers, Gaelic Club – Friday August 5th

We’ve enjoyed our ongoing battle with Old Man Winter this year. He drops below 10 degrees, and we invite rock’n’royalty to party with us. He torrentially rains, and we call our mates Miami Horror in for a set. This week we’re gonna get everyone out and even more comfortable as we provide our August LAST NIGHT winter BBQ with free snags for all! So with a beverage ordered, a sausage in hand [yeah I did], and some mother freaking dance music to jiggle your jigglies to – we look forward to another triumph over this sourest of seasons!

It’s worth removing your ear muffs and woolly flap hats in order to allow your bare ears to experience the aural pleasure that WOLVES AT YOUR DOOR inspire. Their male/ female layered vocals and soothing seventies Saudi inspired guitar riffs will transport you to a warmer climate when they headline the Last Night stage. Hailing from the exotic shores of our own West Coast, this talented bunch will need to learn that we don’t shy from the party in the face of a chill or two.

We’ll need to have cloaked our coats by the time that mischief makers BRIGHT YELLOW take the stage. These sunny Central Coast boys, who first grabbed our attention in 2007, are back and ready to force their abrupt indie-pop upon the masses once again – so trade that umbrella in for a parasol!

First up, THE FICTION are here to coax us out of our bed socks and into our dancing shoes. Their experimental melodies; harmonies of synths, hypnotising beats and heavy distortion, will widen our tired eyes to some crazy new sounds. They’re releasing their EP in an East Coast tour, and we’re getting furiously goose-pimply as their debut at Last Night draws nearer.

Keeping us deliciously toasty until deep into the AM, are of course our Last Night all-stars. Snuggie–clad JOSH KELLY will see you warm to the rhythm, while RANDALL STAGG wraps a scarf of party around your neck, and PhDJ provides the hot chocolate that will keep you dancing til the wee hours of Saturday morning.

‘Last Night’ Purple Sneakers every Friday at The Gaelic Club


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