Late Slipknot Bassist’s Family Receive Settlement In Overdose Lawsuit

The wife and daughter of former Slipknot bassist Paul Gray have reportedly received a settlement from health care providers after they were blamed for his fatal drug overdose.

As The Des Moines Register reports, Gray’s family sued his doctor Dr. Daniel Baldi and his employees including the hospital company UnityPoint-Des Moines.

It was due to go to court next week, however, it was settled outside, as confirmed by Baldi’s lawyer Connie Diekema. It is still unknown how much money was involved in the settlement.

In 2012, Baldi was charged with involuntary manslaughter after it was discovered he had been over-prescribing Gray. In 2014, he was acquitted of the charge as the jury believed that prosecutors had failed to prove that his prescriptions led to the death of his patients.

Gray’s wife Brenna told the court that she’d raised concerns with Baldi about her husbands drug abuse problems, however, he continued to prescribe anti-anxiety drug Xanax.

Baldi’s license to practice medicine was reinstated in 2016 and he’s currently working as an anesthesiologist.

The lawsuit was almost not allowed to go ahead when the defendant’s lawyers successfully argued that Brenna had waited too long to file it. In 2016, the Iowa Supreme Court ruled that the lawsuit could go ahead on behalf of October who was not born when Gray died.

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