Lauryn Hill To Record New Music To Pay Tax Bill?

Lauryn Hill may not release much music these days, but the former Fugees member may have reason to get the creative juices flowing again. Hill has been ordered to pay the taxman to the tune of over half a million US dollars in the next 2 weeks or potentially face over 2 years in prison.

As reported by, Hill failed to file tax returns between 2005-2007, with a total income for those 3 years amounting to US$1.8 million. Last summer Hill pleaded guilty to the 3 misdemeanour counts and could be sentenced up to 30 months in jail if she does not pay the sum of US$504,000 by 6th May.

US Magistrate Court Judge Madeline Cox Arleo, who presided over proceedings, cautioned that the hearing would not be postponed again. Hill, who has only made a single payment of $50,000, plans to cover the tax debt by securing a $650,000 loan against 2 of her properties.

It was recently revealed that Hill has signed a $1 million publishing deal with an undisclosed record label, requiring her to writes and record 5 new songs. Hill signed the deal last summer and is of yet to complete any of the 5 songs. Following the hearing a representative for Hill also revealed the singer has signed a deal with Sony Music, but it is unclear whether the aforementioned 5-song deal is the same as that with Sony.

Judge Arleo’s 2-week deadline does not apply to any outstanding unpaid state taxes, interest and penalties included in the civil tax liability Hill is also facing. In all, Hill owes US$968,000.

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