Liam Gallagher Being Interviewed By Kids Is The Best Thing Ever

Notorious potty mouth Liam Gallagher has spectacularly managed to holster his F-bombs for a four-minute Q&A session with some adorable tots.

Noisey went and recruited a bunch of primary schoolers to quiz the Oasis icon on anything they wanted, with some truly hilarious results.

Fielding queries about everything from his favourite Disney film to his very “naughty” brother Noel to the intellectual quandaries of the human fart, Liam’s answers (and the kids’ questions) are pure LOL fuel.

Watch possibly the greatest Liam Gallagher interview of all time go down below (featuring a shoutout to your boy Big Shaq), and ICYMI: here’s what he reckons it would take for Oasis to get back together.

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