Liam Gallagher Says “Don’t Buy Into ‘Definitely Maybe’ Reissue”

Former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher has beseeched fans not to buy the upcoming reissues of the legendary UK group’s first three albums, a project dubbed ‘Chase The Sun’ revealed last week after mysterious Instagram video teased a major announcement set for 9:00am GMT 26th February.

Taking to Twitter to vent his distaste for the newly announced project, to be released via Sony’s Oasis-affiliated Big Brother imprint, the younger of the two Gallaghers wrote, “HOW CAN YOU REMASTER SOMETHING THATS ALREADY BEING MASTERED.DONT BUY INTO IT.LET IT BE.”

Big Brother Recordings was established in 2000 to release Oasis’ music in the UK, reissuing the singles from the band’s first three albums that year. The reissue of Definitely Maybe, slated for 16th May, will include several discs worth of rare and unreleased material, including early demos.

Gallagher also addressed his current band’s recent split with their management company and manager, while taking a stab at brother Noel. The Beady Eye frontman tweeted, “EYE AS IN ME LIAM GALLAGHER IS NO LONGER REPRESENTED BY SCOTT RODGER OR QUEST THE END.”

“IT’LL BE ME AS IN LG THAT THROWS IN THE TOWEL NOT SOME ROADIE FROM THE 80s,” Gallagher subsequently tweeted, referencing his brother’s time spent as a roadie for UK alternative outfit Inspiral Carpets, prior to joining Oasis. Meanwhile, Scott Rodger has told NME:

“Beady Eye are one of the last great British rock bands. It has been a pleasure to have worked with them on this album campaign. They are in complete control of their future as a band with many exciting new projects on the horizon.

“We’ve just about reached the end of the ‘BE’ album cycle and it’s the right time for the band to make a change. Our paths will cross again in the future I’m sure. I wish them continued success in everything they do.”

Following the release of the Instagram video to the band’s official social media channels, many were convinced of an imminent reunion tour announcement. The nostalgia-tinged clip featured a series of images depicting the Gallagher brothers’ rise to fame and fortune in the early ’90s.

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Photos by Olivia Hadisaputra

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