Listen: Avenged Sevenfold Release New Tune ‘Carry On’

Absolute shredders Avenged Sevenfold have kept their heads down for the past 12 months, only to come smashing back into our lives, and iTunes, with a little ditty they’ve crafted especially for Call of Duty: Black Ops II.

Though the game won’t be released until November 13, fans needn’t wait a second more to hear the track. Much like their previous work with the video game back in 2011 for the Call of the Dead expansion pack, the tune sees itself loosely based on the storyline of the game and is sure as hell going to make the gaming experience far more intense than previously.

Almost as if to say ‘it feels good to be back’, Carry On sees all band members come out swinging. Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance kick it into gear with some solid riffage and some out-of-control shredding before M.Shadows’ bluesy, sexy vocals take control, belting huge notes and bad-ass melodies over the song that builds and builds to one hectic solo. This is something you’d expect off City of Evil.

It’s the perfect tune to absolutely annihilate the enemy too, and if you fell off the wagon with their latest album Nightmares, I strongly suggest you check out Carry On. They’re back.

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