Listen: Deftones New Song ‘Leathers’

Deftones have released the first track from their forthcoming seventh studio album Koi No Yokan. The track titled Leathers, can be listened to below, and if you like what you hear, the track can also be downloaded for free from the band’s website.

The new album will be released in Australia on 9th November and feature 11 tracks in total, including Leathers. We may also get some cover songs, having announced that after the hard yards they put in for the full-length release, they wanted to kick back and record some re-imagined hits. Which ones exactly? We’ll have to wait and find out.

The album name “Koi No Yokan” translated from Japanese is the feeling that is similar to (but not exactly the same as) love at first sight. Or another way to put it is that it’s the sense a person might get upon meeting someone and ‘knowing’ that they are going to fall in love. Or an even better and more straightforward way to put it is that future love is inevitable.

Listen: Deftones – Leathers

Koi No Yokan Tracklisting

1. Poltergeist (Roller Derby)

2. Romantic Dreams

3. Leathers

4. Swerve City

5. Entomb (Dazzle)

6. Graphic Nature

7. Tempest

8. Gauze

9. Rosemary

10. Goon Squad

11. What Happened To You? (Flashback)

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