Listen To 360 Break Down On Air As He Recounts Saving A Fan’s Life

Though beloved by his fans, Australian rapper 360 is often the target of scorn for many Aussie hip-hop naysayers and the like. But during a recent interview, Sixty revealed the extent of his connection with fans when he broke down as he recounted how he talked a distressed fan away from suicide.

“It’s crazy. The effect on kids is quite insane. I get hit up daily [by] people saying that I’ve stopped them killing themselves and it’s happened recently,” Sixty, real name Matt Colwell, told Ella Hooper and Ben Wasley during an appearance on Austero’s Aus Top 20 radio program over the weekend.

“I was at my house and I’ve been Facebook friends with this girl for a while now and she hit me up and she said, ‘I don’t know how much longer I can hold on,'” Colwell began. “And I was like, that’s a bit random. She’s always usually a sweet, really kind, really nice person, and then I went on her Facebook page and she’d taken all her pictures down and she said ‘Good-bye’ as a status update.”

Getting noticeably emotional, Colwell recounted confronting the fan. “I was just like straight up, ‘Are you talking about suicide right now?’ and she’s like, ‘Yeah, I wanna kill myself’. And I was like, ‘Oh shit’. I spoke to her for about two hours and I thought I was getting through to her and then she…”

Readers can listen to the entire heart-wrenching interview below. “This is the first time I’ve broken down on air,” Colwell proclaimed as he regained his composure. The rapper assured his equally emotional hosts that the fan is “happy now,” saying, “I speak to her as much as I can and she’s over the moon. I told her a number of things that she should do to try and change her life for the better.”

“I’m grateful that I went through that but it’s still taxing,” the Sixaveli rapper adds. “I’ve grown so much, because when I realised that I have the potential to have so much power with young kids that I actually changed how I go about things to be a positive role model rather than a negative one.”

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Photos by Ashley Mar

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