Listen To Hayley Williams’ Cover Of Radiohead’s ‘Fake Plastic Trees’

Hayley Williams has taken to Instagram today to share a moving cover of seminal Radiohead track, ‘Fake Plastic Trees’, after fans have consistently asked her to cover a song by the band.

Williams wrote in the caption of the cover that it “seemed sacrilegious at first” to try and rework the song, until she “realized that the band themselves have never once regarded what they do as precious or never-to-be-toyed with.”

“they are never beholden to any one version of their expression and public affections don’t seem to sway them,” she continued.

“so many times people thought they were at their best only for them to bloom more beautifully into something unexpected and unequivocally better.

“for a time i pretended to be over Radiohead (iiii knowwww) but good good things [sic] always find you and welcome you back.”

This cover is just the latest in a string of covers Williams has offered throughout the past few months, including Tegan & Sara’s ‘Call It Off’, Björk’s ‘Unison’ and The Used’s ‘The Taste Of Ink’.

Williams has had a huge 2020, releasing her first ever solo album ‘Petals For Armor’, even though she expressed to Music Feeds that she was hesitant to release the album under her name.

“I wanted to make something,” she said.

“I didn’t care how it came out and (Taylor York) was like, ‘You should be really proud. You’ve spent your lifetime with Paramore, building up something with us and people know who you are and you should put that name on this. You should put Hayley Williams on all of the headers of this stuff so people can know you’re really proud of it and we’re right here to support you’.”

Listen to Williams’ cover of ‘Fake Plastic Trees’ below.

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