Listen To The Brand New Single From Midnight Oil, The Potent ‘Rising Seas’

Midnight Oil have jumped back into the game, releasing their first hit of new music since debuting their chart-topping record, The Makarrata Project.

The new single, titled ‘Rising Seas’, is as pointed as you’d expect fare from The Oils to be. Released just ahead of the United Nations Climate Change Conference, the focus of ‘Rising Seas’ sits squarely on creating real change; as well as Australia’s lack of action when it comes to achieving a number of targets, particularly to do with carbon emission. A song like ‘Rising Seas’ is made to incite and encourage positive change, as much as it about calling out the incompetencies and failings of those in power.

It’s what Midnight Oil do best, after all.

Listen to ‘Rising Seas’ and watch the video, below

Midnight Oil worked with director Cameron March and executive producer Mac De Souza on the video, shot in Sydney this September. Using footage from Greenpeace, the visuals for ‘Rising Seas’ reinforces the core message of the track itself.

The song is part of a brand new Midnight Oil album, due out in early 2022. The full collection of new Midnight Oil material was supposed to drop this year, but COVID prevented the original roll out from well, rolling out. But for fans, never fear, you’ll be able to hear it very soon – the band is simply hoping to get it out there when they are able to tour it (hint: Bluesfest).

“‘Rising Seas’ has been burning a hole in our pockets ever since we started tracking it two years ago,” Oils guitarist/songwriter Jim Moginie has said.

“The climate crisis calls for a real sense of urgency so we decided not to wait any longer to share it.”

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