Listen To Tropical Fuck Storm and King Gizz’s Massive New Collab ‘Satanic Slumber Party’

After it was teased last year, Tropical Fuck Storm have united with King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard for a mammoth collaborative EP titled ‘Satanic Slumber Party’.

The 19-minute-long odyssey is divided into three parts. There’s a brief introduction, ‘The Chairman’s Portrait’, which immediately gives way to a glitched-out noise-rock rager titled ‘Midnight in Sodom’ that sees TFS’ Gareth Liddiard, Erica Dunn and Fiona Kitschin singing about the all manners paranormal and occult. From there, it pivots 12-minute-long finale, a warbling, kaleidoscopic experiment titled ‘Hoof and Horn’.

Tropical Fuck Storm first teased the existence of ‘Satanic Slumber Party’ during a Reddit AMA last year, when one user asked if a collaboration between the two bands was on the horizon. “Yep song with Gizz is coming,” replied Liddiard, though provided few other details at the time.

Now, Kitschin has elaborated on how the collaboration came to be. “King Gizz were up at our house a while ago, recording their album Fishing for Fishies with Gaz. Then after a long day recording and a few too many drinks, the Gizz guys and us all wore hats and recorded a very long jam, which we called ‘Hat Jam,'” Kitchin says.

“Gizz took ideas from the jam and made up a new song called the ‘Dripping Tap’ and Tropical Fuck Storm took the ‘Hat Jam’ recording and turned it into Satanic Slumber Party. It’s four guitars, three drummers, two synths, bass, harmonica, electronic sax and lots of singers and silliness. It’s like ‘Love Shack’ by the B52’s except it’s evil.”

Watch the video for ‘Satanic Slumber Party Part 2 (Midnight in Sodom)’ and stream the entire EP below. Hat Jam will be released as a double A-side 12″ vinyl LP, comprising both ‘The Dripping Tap’ and ‘Satanic Slumber Party’. You can grab that from King Gizz and TFS‘ respective online stores.

Last week King Gizz announced their 20th (!) studio album Omnium Gatherum will arrive this year via the band’s own KGLW label, sharing ‘The Dripping Tap’ to coincide. Tropical Fuck Storm, meanwhile, will perform sets at Meadow and Boogie festivals in the coming month, as well as headline shows in WA and Adelaide. Tickets for all those are on sale here.

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