Looks Like Skrillex Might Be Reuniting With His Old Screamo Band

Um, holy shit. Do people know that Skrillex used to be in a pretty high profile screamo band? Like, is this common knowledge and junk?

Well slap me in the ear and call me a n00b because #TIL that prior to becoming dubstep king of the world, Skrill’s AKA Sonny Moore used to front American post-hardcore outfit From First To Last.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:


(In other news, his bae rating just fkn skyrocketed)

Anyhow, if it’s not surreal enough to imagine one of the EDM world’s top banger lords as an angsty screamo rockstar, we may need not imagine… because it looks a helluva lot like Skrillex is teaming back up with his old mob to release at least one new tune.

It all started when the dub bro appeared on his label’s Beats 1 radio show on Apple Music and played a never-before-heard song reminiscent of FFTL’s overall sound, and featuring what seemed to be his own vocals.

He dubbed it Bonus Track (listen below) and while some have been writing it off as an old demo from Skrill’s era with the band, rumours of an impending reunion got turbo-charged when From First To Last shared Skrillex’s fkn Facebook post linking to the show on their official page.

They’ve since followed it up by sharing another link to an Alt Press article hypothesising an imminent reunion between themselves and Skrill, along with a freakin’ love heart emoji FFS:

Naturally, the comment section is filled with ecstatic confusion and utter chaos.

So either the band are trolling the fuck out of us or else this is legitimately happening.

As Alt Press points out, FFTL guitarist Matt Good revealed that the band was writing new music back in May.

And when they released their reunion album, Dead Trees (featuring Periphery’s Spencer Sotelo on vocals, FIY), Good also said Skrill was keen on doing some sort of collab, but that his schedule never really lined up with the rest of the band’s.

Until now, that is? 2016 marks the 10-year anniversary of ol’ Sonny Moore’s final record with the band, Heroine, after all.

But if you’re feeling your heart swell with joy and excitement at the thought of a potential reunion between FFTL and Skrillex, maybe just exercise a bit of caution until it’s 100% confirmed. You don’t wanna get My Chemical Romanced, after all.

Listen to what could potentially be a new From First To Last song with the dublord on vocals, below.

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