The Lulu Raes Forced To Can Adelaide Gig After Venue Pulls Contractual 180

Sydney indie poppers The Lulu Raes have been forced to axe their gig at Adelaide’s Producer’s Bar this coming Friday, 16th September, after the venue reportedly tried to gip them out of their booking contract.

The foursome inked the document back in August, but after the venue booker left the position, his replacement apparently binned the agreement.

“The lads were really excited about getting back to Adelaide but after the venue booker (who signed the contract Aug 5th) suddenly left the position a few weeks back the new person in that role attempted to renegotiate every aspect of the contract pulling the bands performance fee, accom and backline,”  the band’s management, Select Music, tells Music Feeds. “Facing a rather large financial loss we were left with no option but to cancel the show.”

It’s testament to how much of a financial blow the venue’s alleged contractual hornswaggle presented to The Lulu Raes that they ended up deciding it was cheaper for them to cut their losses and lose hundreds of dollars on flights – plus time already booked off work – than to make the trip out to the wine state and play this show.

The band themselves took to Facebook today to break their SA fans’ hearts with the news that their All Our Parents Are Divorced debut EP tour would no longer be visiting Adelaide.

“The venue decided they don’t feel like honouring the contract by paying us,” they wrote,  “So we regret to inform you we will NOT be playing this Fridays gig. Adelaide kids we’re very sorry and we’ll be back soon at a good venue. xxx”

Music Feeds have reached out to Producer’s Bar for comment.

UPDATE 14/09/16 5.25 PM: The venue has officially responded to the claims. Their statement reads:

“We would have loved for the Lulu Raes to perform at our venue but we were presented with an invalid contract. The contract hadn’t even been signed off by Lulu Raes management/ agent, or been signed on our end by an authorised person. We did not buy the show or were the promoter, we are merely the venue. Their agent had attempted to pass on most of the risk to the venue through an unauthorised person. We were merely trying to make sense of it all. 

Maybe if they hadn’t only sold 7 tickets to the show, their agency wouldn’t have cancelled the event.”

UPDATE 19/09/16: Band management have provided Music Feeds the following document, which they claim is the signed contract for the event. The band, management, Select Music and Rare Finds have no further comment to add.

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